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Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's been real.

Hey everyone. I'm just here to pick up my stuff.

You can now find me (basically figuring things out as I go)


You can now use this url to find the photoblog. dubdubdubdotkedranforwardslashphotoblog

Did that make sense? I'd place a bookmark.

So yeah. Thanks for visiting this blogspot photoked photoblog thingy. It's been fun, yeah? Let me know when you get in to see the new place by leaving a comment. It would be great to see you there.

Best Regards,

p.s. A secret bit: If you make it there, let me know and I will make a print for you, any one you like from previous posts for 10 bucks, postpaid and all that. See you there?

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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Please send all available polaroid pack film to me for (im)proper consumption. I love shooting this giant camera to make polaroids. I also shot some 120 film today, but there's something about packing huge extension rings onto a camera that is easily capable of breaking my tripod just to shoot a polaroid. You can't even get the damn dark-slide out of the polaroid back while the thing is mounted to a tripod! I'm going to either make some kind of extension or deal with moving the camera or exchanging heavy backs for at least 5 minutes before capturing any images.

Slows me down.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chores in, I need to go and do some.

p.s. The new camera is shooting a fine, fine 6x9. Go ahead and click. It's got some detail.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Parse: An undeniable sense of well-being

It's an instruction, not a definition.

While driving home from hanging a show/stopping for fresh beer at the tasting room, we, the traffic, came upon a car going the wrong way against our one way street. Naturally, we responded with slowing and honking as they responded with stoic but noticeable fear, embarrassment and an abrupt turn signal. The car to my left had a child in a car seat in the back and when we stopped at the next light, the woman, presumably the mother, turned and smiled and comforted her child. I suspect that she was comforting herself in the same instant. She briefly looked up at me and I gave a smile and a knowing, but not knowing, nod to mean that it's good that we were all ok. As everyone drove past the stoplight, an overwhelming sense of everything being in it's right place sort-of swept over me. I realized that at this second, things were good.

Things are good.


I now have three(3) shows for first Friday, September. Technically, it's three shows in two galleries. In no particular order you can see my collaborative shots with Bethany DeMarco at FU-collective, 8th Ave just east of Santa Fe Blvd. You can also see some of my most recent project TypoGraff there in the 'Guest Artist' spot. Super-new double exposures of Typography vs. Graffiti. Uh-huh. I crossed the streams.

On the same night you may catch my stuff, as well as more collabo work at Namaste Gallery in the Highlands. New black and white, traditional silver I dreamed up after a nice rain and a close-up lens for an old TLR. Hand-printed goodness from my very own darkroom.

checkitcheckitcheckit owwwt. I will seeyouwill I see you?

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Feel of the print

Indeed, I am printing some new stuff. I have been in the darkroom (technically, the chems are still out) and waving hand-cut cardboard shapes on reclaimed wire hangers above photo-sensitive paper for fun.

It's really for the craft.

I am also learning that I print much better with good music. I will update my muxtape very soon to reflect the darkroom music. I even stopped printing halfway through to reroute some speaker wire and old 2-ways to pipe right into the laundry-er-darkroom for my listening pleasure.

Ultra-low numbers on these shots from my TLR and a secret bit that I've added on. Lush.

Now I'll take another break to get some food together for dinner and polish off some dishes. Maybe. See there's this new (old) camera sitting here without a shot to it's name. It's big. I am inspired by a fellow photog to name it Gozilla! Mine's a little shinier so it must be...

Robot Gozilla Prime!

3 new exhibitions coming extremely soon. The DNC is slow and empty compared to my schedule.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sometimes, we do bad.

At some point, I will stop lusting after, and acquiring cameras.

That point is not right now. More medium format goodness to come in a bit.

Two shows coming up for September and a big shoot for my friends who have put together bocumast. Details to come, but you could be there August 29th for the big party.

Why not? Sometimes you just have to.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Generally, there is (here) an ever-present struggle against time. Life is struggle so does that mean it's life vs. time? Seems like it, really. There is always a vs., a struggle.


Today, I saw hordes of pro-lifers all thick in the Cherry Creek area (a little far from the core of the DNC) where I get my film processed. It's really a very ugly thing when people use shock, fear and graphic horror to do what they think is right. Is that even a real image on your poster? Didn't you just park your giant gas-guzzling van with propaganda-transport trailer in two spots meant for a local business that you didn't even patronize? Fuck you and your self-serving need for more population to up the warm-body count for your 'righteous' (oil)wars. Respect is not in the vicinity of these acts.

Couple that with construction everywhere and you've got a recipe for irritation. Let's be clean for the convention, right? Too late.

Yeah, I went to caucus for Obama and I'm proud of that. Doesn't mean I want to be anywhere near downtown next week. No, I'm not sure there's a point. I'm just kindof angry.