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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Business of 3 (2)

Nope, I didn't do this flyer. Was nice for a change.

So more threes. Here is the third part of the crazy. A one-night stand at the Oriental Theater, 44th and Tennyson. Very very excited about this for a few reasons.

One, there's work I haven't shown publicly before, which can be good or bad for the artist who likes feedback.

Two, I was actually asked to participate, which has that sometimes-audible click of validation. At least, my eyes light up.

Three, the other artists showing and performing are some of my favorite bright stars of Denver. I get to have some work on the walls at the same time that Ian Cooke or Josh Novak are playing?! Hello, cello. Come the eff on. That's good stuff. I really appreciate that and I can't wait to see how the whole thing goes down. One night only, kids. I pulled some good hours in the darkroom for this one. I will have only 5 prints available, including the first, best original, for each piece. Signed and dated with my sincere thanks for the support. Please tell everyone you can about this thing. It needs help being a one-night stand AND a Saturday instead of the usual First Friday deal. Details on the above flyah.

Big thanks to
Jeff, The Scattered Arts Collective and all those behind the scenes, turning the heavy wheels.

There should be a third post, don't you think...?

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