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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Business of 3

yep, crooked, unregistered, mixed inks and complete imperfection on re-purposed paper. Love. it.

So I'm running a little bit thin these days. Within two weeks I must re-orient my time and lifestyle. I am fine with that. It's part of exactly how things are supposed to be right now. This of course does not allow me to shirk responsibility. In fact, it is charging me with more. Maybe that all could have been unsaid as it seems so purposefully vague.

My posts are fewer and I don't want to let that slide so much. Eventually I am thinking redesign on the ol' blog here. Well, really I should say 'design' as I didn't really do too much here to begin with other than pick, switch, drag and drop. More things for a list that will span my life I think.

But I have 3 posts for you today.

Three, or 3 or merely the significance of three is big right now. This is the third showing of a collaborative project that happened last year between two photogs, Bethany DeMarco and myself. The show has some legs. A fourth venue may be nice, but I'm not sure the original could survive much more. Besides, I'd like it to go out of state, if it's going to move. At any rate, there will also be a party for this 3rd show. The above flyer was screen-printed by hand by me and my collaborator. A good fun night with some fellow ink-heads and good color. Nothing like getting a little dirty and creating something raw, good, tactile, perfectly flawed. In my designey-haste, I somehow left the date off, which you will find painstakingly written (by hand again) on all of them. My half of the flyers dated by my lovely and talented best-girl (thank you, Pretty).

It was very valuable help so that I could get my ish together on the second half of that show, which features my more luminescent stuff. It will be on the lower level of the Labyrinth Gallery, in the dark. The other pieces are upstairs so if you come, be sure to work your way around the space. It truly fits it's name. Beware of tight corners.

Where's the third? Check the next post...

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