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Monday, September 24, 2007

A little stuck

from "&" by Jannette Gregson and myself.

It's been a busy morning, mentally. I've been avoiding this blog for some reason. See, I'm sitting here trying to figure out the best way to talk about this book. It's really nearly here. It'll be manifest in it's actual physical form sometime today. The thing that I have been doing to let people know about it has been more than subtle. It's been practically non-existent. I am way too cautious. So here's the deal, I'm just going to blurt this all out.

Counterfeit Press is putting out what I feel is a great first book. Not only is it their launch into publishing, but it's my first book as well. That is NOT to say that I did it all, or most or anything like that. To be honest, I did some orchestration with my peers. I shot some images, which I love doing immensely. I got to see them come together, with my friends and then another friend put it all together. I know exactly what it is like to share a project with people and craft something with friends. I get to see the realization of all of that this week. I get to sit in a room with (hopefully) groups of people and see their reactions to photography that I had a hand in.

I am extremely proud. I am extremely nervous. I am extremely thankful and lucky to have friends like:

Jake Adam York
Nicole Beyeler
Lisa Cook Sem
Daniel Porter
Bethany DeMarco
Janette Gregson
Sami Kelsh no particular order, of course. But these are the people who chose to do this with me and I think it's all going to be great. Thanks too for the support of my friends and family.

Please tell everyone you can about the release of Copper Nickel 8 (you should have a subscription) as well as &:Double Exposures. Send on the pdf around if you like and be there the 28th at Matter if you can. I'd love to see you there. Cake and beer, cake and beer and cake and beer.

Thank you. Sneak preview of some images all this week. Stay tuned.


Blogger peevish said...

I feel so honored to be included here.

And I'm super excited, too! Too bad Nicole & Janette won't be here, and whoever else can't make it.

7:46 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...

Very excited. Its a major deal. A real book that can be held and flicked through. So cool.

7:54 AM  

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