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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Busy Day

Yesterday was good, busy.

Driving here and there (sucked), darkroom (no productivity just hurried management), library, groceries, running a few miles, shower and then a great exhibition in Bel Mar and the Lab. Fang Lijun's Heads. Really great stuff. Tiny gold plated army of heads. There were also some full-size busts on display that were so cool as they were actual people he had done from all walks of life. A lot of artists and media people. Very interesting. My favorite part was the seemingly molten heads "poured" into a corner of the space. Picture the cover of "The Wall" but in gold and with multiple faces, 4 ft and 10 ft long. Fun.
That's my weak report.

Don't have much writing in me fit for here. Am thinking about long drives. Might have something for you later. The working title is "custom". and it's for us.

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