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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Results -2-4-07

from the live painting, Sunday nights at the Lure.

I wont lie. It was a struggle. First off, Superbowl Sunday. Nobody is really thinking about showing up to have drinks somewhere (else) that doesn't involve couches and chip crumbs. Where were the ladies at?! Aren't you supposed to be angry and neglected or something by 9 PM? Well some people do go to work, I suppose. Huge thanks to the four friends who showed to support BCD and I, the dueling painters who stayed with their own canvasses this time.

Meanwhile all kinds of people decided that they were the real artists there (which I don't feel I qualify for) and proceeded to coach us, tell us how we were doing, ask us about the 'motivation', what we were 'feelin' etc.. What I was feeling was can you please let me at least figure out which piece of board or plastic I'm about to throw some paint on? I needed a drink after 5 minutes. In fact, aren't you supposed to be making food for these nice folks? Good thing I'm working for a bar tab.

I'm not saying I need silence or certain things in place for it all to fall together but damn, people. I'm not even a painter. This is exercise for me. I'm trying to stretch. It means a lot to my soul to be able to do this so don't ruin it for me. I walk in every time thinking "Don't fuck up and paint something that you would be embarrassed to put on your own walls, cuz that's probably where it's going to end up." Meanwhile the root of the live painting experience -the music- was sort of not participating much. So there's the struggle.

But I walked out with something I really like. Something I'm proud of. I just started with a set of colors in mind and went from there. The DJ was sort of entertaining friends and painting her own stuff up in the booth for a show she committed to. (I understand but just please please don't ever treat this like a joke again. Because if it's a joke to you and you called and asked me to do this, then what does that make me?) Damn. My point was to be happy about this painting.

So here we go, 3 coats of spray varnish later, I'm done with it. Except, I might take this wood trim I have had here in the basement forever and knock out a black slim-box frame. More experiments. It's 10 inches up by 26 inches across 3/4 inch deep or so, painted on wood scrap (repurpose whenever possible, baby!). The DJ wants to buy it, but her price is low and I'm sortof attached to it. I told her I wanted to at least post a picture of it here, see if someone else likes it out in the world and could part with 80, shipped. Friend prices. So that's that. Meanwhile did you see the picture down there by Lisa? More importantly, did you feel it?

I did.

Someday we'll talk about cake and why it sucks to miss it. Sorry, you can't bake it for yourself.

In that headspace: Now Playing" Pigeon John, She Cooks Me Oatmeal (I saw this cat a few months ago in Boulder and he was on-point AND funny) Hip-hops heads should check it out and remember that it ain't all cash, cars and ho's.

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Blogger Lisa said...

That is a seriously beautiful painting, ya so-called amateur.

6:59 AM  

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