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Monday, July 02, 2007


Time is of the essence.

Check out this. Very Seriously consider a subscription and it could lead you to some really amazing literary talent. Back issues are available. Did you know the first time an image of mine was published, it was in this beautiful book? Plan on seeing more about this, but first, I highly suggest getting some for yourself. I would lend you mine if you were here.

My friend lent me two issues of Juxtapose and I have yet to crack them. I should look at them after I go through the volumes of cheese books and 'teach yourself French right now you monolingual nuisance!' things from the library. Should also return that DVD. Might see a late fee soon.

In other news, I have prints for you. Especially for you if you are in the right frame of mind. I have been kicking an idea around for custom work. It's kind of like commissioned work but I am not yet as famous as I should be and you may not be able to afford me if I were, I dunno. It's like this. Sometimes I am under the influence of some great music, bottle of wine, media, what have you. I see it some out sometimes in the mood of my pictures. Sometimes it's great, other times, distracted, gritty, intense, boring, it really depends. I have not perfected anything. So if you thought of something that might be influencing you, or something that you felt strongly about, chances are you would have a few words in your head that rolled around, defining it for you. What would the words be? What words would you think of to describe the sort of thing you might want to be immersed in or even to look at. What would the words be that you might want to be represented on your wall, by some artist that you happen to know.

Just for you, by you.

We could call it Custom. You could send me an idea, a phrase, a song lyric or even a band. I could be there, in it. I could listen to it, see it, think it, soak it all up and then shoot for it. We could share that idea. Maybe I have something already here in film that I think fits it. You could tell me and then you could have it. Naturally, it would come with some sacrifice or trade, as most good things do. But maybe, just maybe you might want to do this with me. If you are interested in Custom and have some ideas that we could try out, drop me a line here and I can email you about it. I'm open. Custom is open. Let's start something. One project is already in the works. Watch this space to see how it goes.


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