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Monday, February 26, 2007

A little more

Today's list is longer than I had thought out, but there is some closure to it if I get started soon. The shows are nearly complete. I am struggling against my nature. I'm think every time I force myself into an all-nighter I pat myself on the back after it is over and regret ever having waited to finish anything related to it. It takes a day or three to recover.

Last night's painting was fun. Bigger crowds. Another good stretch. I was sorry to hit everyone up with the text-message blast merely an hour or two before paint hit the canvas. It was halfhearted. I had nothing in my brain or spirit to give I thought, at that point, but would still appear and play. I'm glad I did. I found something in the paint and just worked to lightly bring it out. I was complimented on the 'whispiness'. Not sure if that is an attribute of skill or a fear of solid pigment. It's layered on somewhat of a childish gimmick. One that I enjoyed hiding under there, in the foundation. After all, it is exercise for me (us). We are not painters, or at least I am not in this sense. I am proud of the opportunity to push myself, even if on unsure footing.

[where is the sure-footing?]

Maybe we don't need it as much as we think.

Back to the list then.

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