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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

what the heck?

My brain is really going creative-nutso today. I just invented something in my brain and prototyping will happen this week. I have been told by another photographer that I admire that studio lighting is an art and the people that do it very well should be paid whatever they ask. I love this photographer friend, but I respectfully disagree. We dropped it. Hardly worth an argument. I do want to build a fancy little light kit tho. It'll be hot and prove to people that expensive gear is for comfort zones. Don't get me wrong, a fast little Summi lense will knock the socks off some aftermarket afterthought from god knows what grey market chop shop Ekloecto-whatever. It's not the tools, it's the craftsman. But I do so love the tools. I just don't have the scratch...


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