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Monday, January 29, 2007


Sunday night's live painting results. Crowd was not huge. Very good commentary-almost too much. I have a hard enough time with the brushes and a 15 minute conversation in the middle is tough on my focus.

But it's all raw, just unsold so far. Three people interested in the mass media of:
Solid Paint Marker

Stencil/Spray Paint

and general consumption of a bar tab. Good beats from Ginger. The theme tonight was a bit about the forlorn, the elements of a heartbreak/any excuse to put the mood into St. Valentine's, love it or hate it. This was about the rougher end of the spectrum I think. Lots of emotion here, lots of dark.

Two artists, about 45min - 1 hour on the canvas, then switch. You bring your own materials, anything goes, including spray painting against the lightpoles in a snowbank.

...and that's what I got up to tonight. You?

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